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Diamond Buying Guide

Diamond Buying Guide

There is no match to the beauty and grandeur of the diamond. The lustrous multicut diamond engagement rings Adelaide are the most preferred stone in the word. Men and women both love to have it for their accessories no matter how small or big they are. Buying diamond is an investment and no one would like to waste the money by buying the worthless piece just because it is a diamond. The key factors that detrimental to the choice of diamonds are as follows:

  1. Shape

The shape preference is the first factor in the list. Usually the shape matters when you are getting hold of the diamond for a specific purpose like a wedding ring or the engagement. The shape also determines the price of the diamond. The diamond dealers ask you for the shape preference first as you step in the shop. In case you don’t have a clear picture in the mind then it is better to get a round diamond. It is the most impressive choice in the world of diamonds as it shines brilliantly and looks impressive in any way you wear it. The fancy shapes are determined by the length to width ratio.  Perfect ratio means perfect cuts and perfect cuts make the perfect shape. Thus, consult your diamond dealer for a better suggestion.

  1. Weight

The most abundantly found diamond weights are ½ ct, ¾ ct, and 1 ct. The weight also plays a key role in determining the shape and the size of the diamonds. If you are about to purchase the diamond specifically for a special event then a diamond weighing one or two carats is essential. The most budget friendly weight option is 0.75 carats.

  1. The cuts

The value of the diamonds is determined by the three fundamental C’s. These C’s are the carat, cut and clarity. The cuts are often ranked on four different scales being poor, fair, very good and excellent. The cut grades can also be different in case of different retailers. Cut grade determines the overall impression and appearance of the diamond. The better the cut the clearer and more brilliant it would be. The scut would also estimate the cost of the diamond too. If you come across apparently similar diamonds then compare them on the basis of the cuts to get the right option for your celebration.

These are the essential things that need to be considered because they really impact upon the condition and quality of the diamond. On the other hand there are some other essentials too that are mentioned but they are not that significant. They might play a role but even if they are not considered they would not matter. The reason of these being insignificant is that they are not visible with the naked eye. These features are the culet, girdle, polish and the symmetry. See this page to find out more details.