Celebrating Your Marriage With Some Money To Spare

Celebrating Your Marriage With Some Money To Spare

Most people go crazy on their big day: they book the biggest and fanciest locations, they invite a humungous crowd and they wear the most expensive clothes. They also hire the latest hit bands and party all day long. Sure, your marriage ceremony is something to celebrate but let’s not forget – there is a “marriage” that comes afterwards which is just as costly in the long run. So for couples looking to celebrate without throwing their bank accounts at it, here are some tips:

Change the Venue
Think more in terms of convenience and affordability than glitz, glam and flair. The shock value for the guests may be an interesting trick to pull off, but might also include you when you find out how expensive destination ceremonies are. Plenty of couples now get married in their parents’ house, their own house or in small, simple and elegant little reception halls that don’t break the bank. One of the best ways to find out little deals that others don’t know about is to ask your wedding celebrants sydney; they might even be able to get you a discount.

Compare Everything
Thanks to the internet, you can compare the prices of everything, so look up the wedding celebrant sydney cost and compare it with someone coming from outside of the city before you make up your mind. Even if you do everything within the city, it might be cheaper for you to hire a band or an officiant from out of town, even after paying transport because they might be working on their own, whereas many officiants in town are represented by an agency. Don’t be lazy; look for good deals and be prepared to spend some time on them too. The more you save now, the more you have for when you actually need it.

Cut Down on Clothes
Every vendor in town will tell you that only have one day to wear big, outrageous gowns or a handsome, expensive tux. Therefore, you must spend more money on it. However, spending the equivalent of 6 months’ salary on a dress that you will only wear once is a fallacy; do not harbour any romantic notions of a daughter or daughter-in-law agreeing to wear the same dress 20-30 years down the line. The dress could be damaged or out of style. Use your head and pick out something that you can hire out, give away or even keep locked away in a box without feeling too guilty about how many zeroes it cost.

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