How To Select Timber For Retaining Walls?

How To Select Timber For Retaining Walls?

The timber is truly the gift of nature. Timber is few of such material that has wide versatility. This is the reason that nearly everything that human build, have a share if timber in it. Before recent building materials like steel or concrete, the timber was the only material that has helped to build many things. But now the use of timber has been replaced by concrete or steel but in a certain scenario, using the timber will be the best option. Using timber doesn’t mean that you have compromised the integrity or strength of the structure but if you choose the right type of timber, it can provide the same level of strength that you can get from other materials.

This is the reason that we can see that still, people prefer to use timber for their fencing or retaining walls. In the countryside or hilly areas, the timber is still the most preferred choice for both the purposes. Especially if you are living in an area where land is soft and due to uneven terrain, it seems difficult to use bricks or concrete, then it is better to use timber fencing in Melbourne for retaining walls.

The retaining walls are a necessary part of our construction. The retaining walls help to withhold the land and prevent soil erosion. The retaining walls provide good protection against flooding.

Benefits of timber for retaining walls

The timber is comparatively is easy to install instead of concrete block

The concrete block requires more equipment and labour, due to the heavy size

The timber is quite economical as compared to any other material

In case of any damaged timber post, one can replace or repair on its own.

 How to select the right wood for retaining walls

The weather has a profound effect on the wood, so you must be selective in choosing the wood, that can persist with your region’s weather. Choosing the wrong wood will result in high wear & tear or replacement od retaining wall

Always use the wood that has been preserve with chemicals. These chemical helps to enhance the strength of the wood by increasing resistance against insects and termites

There are certain woods like pine or cedar that have natural oils which provide natural immunity to insect infestation. But every type has its pros and cons, before selecting any, just analyse critically

Usually, the timber retaining walls are also made for enhancing the appearance of the property. With the aesthetically pleasing retaining wall, the value of property increases. Whenever you might be choosing the wood, you must keep its appearance and texture in mind. Try to select such wood that will make your wall more appealing.

The durability of the wood is the critical factor. Many kinds of wood can last for 20-30 years. Always try to select such woods that can last for longer.

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